Frequently Asked Questions

The Unreal Engine because of its extensive libraries, facilities and flexibility.

It supports both hard core C++ programmers as well as overall concept and detailed blueprint prototyping. The game prototype already uses some specialists components to visual sound and we plan to use some of the new tools regarding voice recognition and simulated AI as well as developing more modules and functionality ourselves.

The ability to port to multiple environments both desktop and mobile is also of interest as well as the integration with Virtual Reality and Augment Reality functionality .

The Project started out as a Masters Project at University for Jordan a core member of the Open Mind Studios Team.

Several of our team members are knowledgeable and interested in physics and keep a close eye on developments in this area. It seemed to be an ideal opportunity to expand on this project and make it a game that will be both fun and educational, as well as stretching the bounds of its players imagination.

The games aims can split into three aspects:- .

1. Stay Alive.

This area of science can be highly dangerous, warnings of creating mini black holes or the dread Q matter have reached the popular media.

In the game the player must avoid quantum destabilisation, the more the player messes with the quantum world, the weirder and more dangerous the world becomes. Leading to an end game if they fail and push the limits too far.

2. Collect and Learn.

The player will be able to collect samples of all types of basic building block matter in the first release of the game and learn about them including:-

a. Complete the standard model itself.
b. Complete the elements in the periodic table.

4.Follow the main quest line and its branches.

The player is part of a global scientific effort to unlock the laws of physics and create matter. Apart from interactions with finance and equipment suppliers they do not interact with the world in any way.

Ultimately to complete the game the player is going to need the very best equipment and a detailed knowledge of the world of physics. This culminates in build the Atlas Prime Dyson Ring Meta-Accelerator, an accelerator that literally circles the Sun. This requires a lot of work, investments and dealing with a range of challenges and dangers.

Once funding is in place, we anticipate that the beta will be released in about a year and a half and hope to have a full release depending on funding after two and half years.

We have a working Alpha release version of the game that can be played, the next step is to decide on what else, from our massive pile of ideas, we need to develop and prove the advanced technologies we wish to deploy as well as port the game onto multiple platforms.

Game Equipment Management

Player builds their own colliders, maintaining and upgrading them, and moving to more advanced particle accelerators, that allow more complex experiments and progression through the game.

Economic and Material Management

The lambda cube, is the advanced technical object the player’s collider is built around allows the player to collect what they create and sell it legally or on the illusive black market.

Visual and audial effects

Advanced and awe-inspiring visual effects including the collision and creation of atoms, particles, charge, spin, quantum mechanics, SU1, SU2 and LI groups

Scientific Accuracy

The Game is based on the real-world historical models of particle physics and it's discoveries. For example, the player starts with a low powered linear accelerator only capable of smashing some hydrogen together.

Multiple Game Paths and Options

Particle accelerator upgrades provide a range of customizable routes and options for their experiments and thus choose their own path of discovery, balancing investment with discovery.

Difficulty increases as the game progresses but can be mitigated by purchasing better equipment. Multiple paths through game will ensure there is always an easier option that will just take longer.

Advanced interactive help and guidance system

Collette a unique interactive AI can also be upgraded and utilised both to guide the player and provide access to new options and capabilities.

We are looking into the possibility of connecting with other players both on the PC version and using the mobile game to set up very complex physics experiments, as well the ability to share resources and knowledge between players.

The augmented and virtual reality aspects of the game lend themselves to this feature very nicely.

Particles and Matter

  1. Fundamental particle creation in the standard model.
    6 quarks,6 fermions, 6 leptons, 5 Bosons including the Higgs. Tau Neutrinos, Protons, Neutrons.
    Hadrons, Baryons, Mesons and Hyperons
    (Approximately 30 particles)
  2. Special particles.
    Gravitons, Dilation, Axion, Sterile Neutrinos, Planck Particles, tetraquarks.
    (Approximately 10 particles)
  3. Elements from the periodic table
    (118 plus new heavy elements)
  4. Isotopes and ions of the elements,
    (50 more possibilities.)

Levels and Technology

  1. Basic collider -Magnetic induction accelerators
    (With 20 upgrades)
  2. Linear accelerators
    (With 20 upgrades)
  3. Cyclotrons
    (With 20 upgrades)
  4. Synchrocyclotrons and isochronous cyclotrons
    (With 20 upgrades)
  5. Fixed-Field Alternating Gradient Accelerators
    (With 20 upgrades)
  6. Gravimetric accelerators.
    (With 20 upgrades)
  7. Time quantum Relativistic accelerators.
    (With 20 upgrades)
  8. AI upgrades, 32 levels.


(C)ognitive (O)nline (L)iaison and (L)earning (E)lucidation (T)echnology for (T)ransferring (E)nlightenment

Collette has many roles in the game:-

  1. To provide help and instructions in how to play the game.
  2. To control aspects of the game by voice commands.
  3. To look up data in the games database and on the web.

This will be achieved by:-

  1. Recognising a variety of voice commands as well as on screen conversational prompts.
  2. Reading out information that is displayed on the screen or providing voice instructions.
  3. Providing voice prompts in a conversation style for example.

"Hi Jordan, You have received an offer for your reserve of Hydrogen, are you interesting in selling it for $1340"
"No thankyou Collette"
"They are offering an enhanced Super conductor coil that will fit you 'Harold the Smasher' accelerator, do you want to make the exchange?"
"yeah sure"
"Exchange completed, Bye for now Jordan"
"Yeah see ya"