Project Summary

Take Control of the Building Blocks of Reality!

Cloud Chamber is a gamification of the standard model of particle physics and the quantum world and the acquisition of knowledge and materials. It is a working game at the Alpha stage in its current form but will be significantly expanded on and improved.

The player has a set amount of time and a selection of tools available to them to discover the particles found in the standard model of particle physics and its linked theories and new theories and ideas in theoretic Physics and cosmology. They can synthesize atoms to sell for large sums of money and upgrade the tools they have at hand, up to an ultimate Dyson Ring Meta-Accelerator as part of a Solar Wide Scientific institution.

The initial aim is to complete the standard model and the entire periodic table allowing the player unlimited control over the quantum world. From this they will move past the current horizons of modern science into new theoretical and even imaginary realms of the multiverse and gain control of reality itself!

Cloud Chamber is both an intriguing and challenging puzzle game and an educational tool to bring nuclear physics and the periodic table to life for its players. Assisted by Colette an AI with voice recognition that can look up both the games database and selected links on the web (including feeding the player with the latest news and advancements in the related sciences) the player will learn about and master the fabric of reality in regards to widely accepted theories but also a few conceptual and unproven cutting edge ideas and the imaginative ideas of our own team.

The Key Game Mechanics include

  1. Real and slowed time (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle), time limited experimental set up, requiring special awareness and hand to eye coordination.
  2. Calculate, set up and launch experiments with micro adjustments as the experiment runs.
  3. Information Management and research, resource base and starting template build up, chain experiments.
  4. Resource and financial management to sell and buy materials and equipment.
  5. Increasing complexity and capability and challenges with risks of creating cascade failures or creating dangerous products that will end the game and maybe even the world.

Difficulty increases as the game progresses but can be mitigated by purchasing better equipment. Multiple paths through game will ensure there is always an easier option that will just take longer. Augmented reality and mobile resource collection and experimentation will add additional features to the mobile version of the game.